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SmartEX uses your smartphone's camera to acquire the receipts and send the images to a cloud OCR server. The content is read, interpreted and returned in data form for your validation.
On-site checks are very limited. The ceilings are preset and the expenses are all clearly visible attributed, impossible to go wrong.
The manager approves and the administration arranges the reimbursement. The digitized documents are archived in the documentary system and taken for conservation.

SmartEX is modular and customizable for each company

SmartEX is pre-configurable according to company policies.
The entry of expenses is guided and the limits are predetermined: impossible to make mistakes.
Each expense is associated to an activity or a customer or prospect.

Quick entry of expense reports

Quick entry of expense reports

Smart access and interface

Login via FaceID, TouchID or SSO from any device and Home Page screen with dedicated quick actions for entering and associating expenses.

Intuitive dashboard to always keep the status of an expense report under control.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Automatic reading of the receipt via OCR system, ensuring time savings in entering indicative expense data.

Multilingual and multicurrency

The app is multilingual, adapting to organizations that also operate abroad. It manages the historicized exchange rates of all currencies worldwide, with the exchange rate defined based on the date of expenditure.

Electronic signature of each expense report

Automatic digital subscription of each expense report confirmed by the employee, logging in with personal and unique credentials.

Control and management system personalized

Dynamic alerts

They are activated following a violation of company policies, such as, for example, exceeding spending limits or missing mandatory data.

Company Policies

The Alerts are set on company policies to allow Managers, HR and Administration a quick check and rectification.

Optimized management of limits

The management of the limits can be customized according to company policies.

Travel preauthorization

To manage all travel relating to the commercial/maintenance/assistance staff activity, through a dedicated approval workflow.

Third party service integrations

Integration with Google Maps

Provides automatic calculation of travel distance for reimbursement kilometre

Integration with travel agency

Allows you to import and report all travel expenses booked by travel agencies or third-party systems, as well as determining which methods of payment should be privileged

Search for merchants and customers

Allows you to search for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels for the reimbursement of expenses incurred and research through business name of customers

Integration with accounting systems

Adaptation of ERP flows to accounting and tax rules

Mapping activities for the production of automatic flows for company management software.

Taylor Made

For each company with customized parameters including:

– data aggregation for accounts / cost centers / orders;

– tax deductibility calculations.

Import flows from company credit card statement

In order to eliminate or significantly reduce verification times and reconciliation reports, associating the expense with the user who made it.

Tailored payroll flow

It allows you to export verified expense reports in the form of an accounting and payroll flow and send them to the accounting systems for registration.

Compliant digital storage and BI dashboards

Performance dashboard
with BI modules

With interactive and flexible views, they allow you to dynamically track and manage expense reports and perform rapid financial analysis of profitability and revenue.

High analysis potential of the categories

In terms of control, export and type: management or operational reporting.

Dematerialization of
expense reports

In compliance with the regulations established for the evidentiary and conservation value
(art. 2220 of the italian civil code)

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