Why SmartEX

SmartEX is the most advanced solution to manage business expenses


Dematerialises business management to a document archiving system in accordance with the law.


Reduces the time allocated to verification and control by the company administration.


Modulates the Multilanguage and Multicurrency features to suit to every company.


Combines in a single solution, mobile and web app, every requests of each figure in the company organization chart.

How much does the management of expense reports
have an impact on the business budget?

Manage the different phases of the reimbursement process
with the traditional process affects from 2.33% up to 5% of company turnover*

SmartEX Plus

Find out how SmartEX can save you time and improve business performance.
In compliance with all privacy and security regulations

Taylor Made

Business processes are not all the same and each company has its own rules and regulations.
With SmartEX you will have:

A solution tailored to the customer's needs like a tailored suit, it is SmartEX that adapts to the company

Time consuming

The phases following the compilation of the expense reports require 8% more time for the control of non-compliances if the process is carried out manually
With SmartEX you will have:

Reduction of processing and control non-compliance times, thanks to the simplicity of use.

Compilation errors

To the costs in terms of time must be added:
up to 15% for incorrect/discrepant expense reports
- this happens for 48% of companies -
With SmartEX you will have:

Reduced times in all phases of the process, from control and approval to accounting closure.


Entering an expense report manually requires up to €21 per single line.
With SmartEX you will have:

Automated management of expense reports which allows you to reduce the cost to an average of €7

Unstructured data

Today, data management is becoming increasingly complex in relation to the management of unstructured data, the percentage of which is increasing year on year and will reach 80% by 2025.
With SmartEX you will have:

Simplified real-time acquisition and reporting of expenses for analyzes and improvement actions.

Company policies

The costs necessary to cover the phases relating to formal controls for approval impact the entire process by 14%.
With SmartEX you will have:

Compliance with Company Policies and consequently, greater productivity of all the actors involved.

Formal controls

Credit card reconciliation checks require 3-4 days for a company of around 30 people.
Management of all other expenses additional 6-7 days.
With SmartEX you will have:

Automatic import of transactions from account statements of credit cards.

Paper management

The management of paper expense reports involves
a 40% increase in printing costs.
With SmartEX you will have:

Elimination of paper and the necessary physical space to archiving the receipts.

Delay in refunds and payments

Delays generated by the time needed to cover closures and
accounting impact the entire process by 12%.
With SmartEX you will have:

Speeding up refund and payment processes
even in the presence of cash advances.

Have you considered all the impacts?

In a company of 50 people, 1 full-time resource is needed to manage expense reports.
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