SmartEX. Digitalization
expense reports
Expense management
always and everywhere
with every ERP

SmartEX is the digitalisation and management
solution for all the Expense Reports process
and for the Business Travels:
from the acquisition of the sigle expense
to the automatic accounting of all
the Expense Reports in the management software.
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The software
for the digitalisation and optimization
of the business expense reports

With SmartEX the management of the expense report with smartphone is quick.
The expenses can be noted at the moment or as soon as you can,
without the risk of forgetting anything and
at the end of the day, everything will be ready.
Simple, modular and costumizable
for every company

SmartEX organize, optimize and reduce the company
internal operating costs, leaving more time for the business.

Customized control system and management

Based on company policies to guarantee the Managers,HR and Administration a quick
check and rectification.

Builted-in with the company accounting systems

Simple and fast integration: it easily suits with the accounting
and payroll systems.

The expense reports management has never been more simple

  • 1

    cathegory choice

  • 2

    photo reading through OCR

  • 3

    inclusion into the expense report

  • 4

    authorisation and accounting

  • 5

    legal archiving replacement

A solutiong for all the corporate figures

SmartEX offer a single solution for all the organisation chart:

Riduzione del carico operativo di controllo a basso valore aggiunto

HR Director

Regole definite e trasparenti in ogni fase organizzativa

IT Manager

Sicurezza e integrazione sotto controllo, come mai prima d’ora.

The digital management software
to increase productivity
and efficiency

SmartEX is the App that all users like because it ìs complete
and easy to use. It is awsome on the premises because it makes
everything more automatic, fast and error-free.

Some answers to frequently asked questions about SmartEX

What does the free trial consist of?

Sign up for the free trial and you will be able to use SmartEX free for 30 days. You can create a maximum of 5 users for you and your employees. Each of you will have his own user and can login from Mobile and Web using the choosed username+password.

Is SmartEX conformed to the GDPR?

Yes. SmartEX exclusively uses firts-level certified hosting (Azure) that satisfy the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and cybersecurity conformity requirements.

Does SmartEX guarantee the legal digital conservation?

SmartEX provides the connection to the legal Document Archievement to archive and preserve, respecting the vigent law, all the supporting documents in PDF format. The legal digital storage allows preserving the expense reports with taxable value removing the need to archieve the paper originals.

Come funzionano i workflow (flussi di lavoro) in SmartEX?

I flussi di lavoro permettono di gestire agevolmente le 3 fasi successive all’importazione della Nota Spese:
1) VERIFICA – prevede tutti i controlli direzionali e operativi sui dati contabili inseriti
2) APPROVAZIONE – consente di validare o meno le spese condotte dal dipendente nell’ambito/esercizio delle sue mansioni
3) CONTABILIZZAZIONE – convalidate le Note Spese, ne consente l’esportazione sotto forma di flusso contabile e Payroll – per l’invio ai sistemi contabili per la registrazione – e al sistema per l’Archiviazione Documentale a Norma.

Quanti sono i ruoli su SmartEX?

SmartEX prevede 4 ruoli preimpostati e la possibilità di personalizzare i ruoli nell’applicazione.
I quattro ruoli di default sono:
1) dipendente/utente;
2) responsabile;
3) contabile;
4) gestore.

Come posso ottenere supporto?

  • Il nostro supporto tecnico è sempre attivo e disponibile per discutere con te di eventuali problemi, consigli o idee per miglioramenti.
  • La nostra chat online è attiva dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 09 alle 17.